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Important Nutrition News...

Now whole grain is the first ingredient in all Big G cereals.

Recently, General Mills completed a multi-year reformulation process to provide more whole grain than any other single ingredient in its entire portfolio of Big G cereals. Along with the familiar white check, you will see whole grain listed first on every box, so you will know there is more whole grain than any other single ingredient.

“You’ve told us that whole grain is one of the most important considerations in your cereal choices,” said Christina Meyer-Jax, MS, RD, a nutritionist with General Mills’ Bell Institute of Health and Nutrition. “Putting whole grain first is part of our long-term commitment to nourishing lives and ensuring our products meet the taste and nutrition needs of our consumers. We were the first company to add whole grain to our entire cereal line and are still the only leading cereal manufacturer to have whole grain in all of our cereals.”
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